For us it is important to make your holidays unforgettable

Our Suggestions for Activities to Partake In:

At Agua Resort, each guest is free to give shape to his or her personal concept of vacation. There are those who choose to spend days on the beach, lulled by the sound of the waves in the beautiful beach of San Lorenzo, and those who prefer to unwind from the daily routine letting in to the temptations of the culinary excellence of the territory.

For all those who are looking for something different, unique feelings that may disrupt the pleasant monotony of a relaxing day, you can choose one of the many activities of Agua Resort. Whether it is Beach, Green or Resort, each holiday is important to us and to make it unforgettable is our mission.

Lovers of water sports, for example, can take advantage of the favourable conditions of the bay of San Lorenzo to take surfing or sailing lessons, as well as challenge the waves accompanied by the experience and professionalism of the instructors at the resort.

Within Agua Beach you can also take the time to care of your body, thanks to intense sessions at the beach gym or wellness area just a short walk from the sea.

For the little ones, we have set up stimulating play areas to spend time, accompanied and under the supervision of the animators of the resort.

If you are looking for a different holiday, immersed in nature but not necessarily linked to the traditional concept of “beach vacation”, Agua Green is the solution.

In the splendid setting of the Val di Noto will be able to discover the beauty of the area with guided tours or choose to rent a bicycle and enjoy the unique colors and smells from a different perspective.

For all those who instead choose to hold off their spirit of adventure, inside Agua Green you can also relax by the pool or choose to rely on exclusive spa treatments.

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