Agua Residence
Your window to the sea
Agua Residence
Where relaxation is at home

Introducing Agua Residence

For those seeking a cozy retreat, our residence is the perfect choice. Located just steps from the sea of San Lorenzo, one of the most beautiful on the Island, and close to the main Sicilian cities, it is the ideal base to explore the region and its wonders.

With spacious and comfortable areas immersed in nature and relaxation, our residence will make you feel at home… but without worries!

Agua Residence


Privacy, freedom, and green spaces for a vacation focused on comfort and relaxation.

Surrounded by serenity

Imagine opening the window and finding yourself facing the crystal-clear sea. That’s what happens when you stay at our Residence.

ELEGANT simplicity

Freedom and wide green spaces to fully breathe in nature. An experience that winks at the need for comfort and privacy.

FAMILY hospitality

Agua Residence meets your need to escape the daily hustle and bustle. A seaside home to enjoy a romantic sunset in good company.

Comfortable apartments

Thirteen apartments, four types, one goal: to let you enjoy slow time, recharge your batteries, and return home rejuvenated in body and spirit.

Agua Residence

Why choose Agua Residence?

Our Residence, overlooking the beach of San Lorenzo, offers you the convenience of an apartment with all the comforts for a family vacation, with a wonderful playground and all the services of the lido at your disposal.