Sapore di sale, sapore di Agua

It’s not a real vacation if, in addition to the sea, sun, and relaxation, you don’t experience a unique culinary adventure. Agua’s restaurant has a thousand facets to discover at every hour of the day: from breakfast to lunch, from the aperitif to dinner.

Quality products directly from our garden and recipes thought out for you by our chef to enhance the flavors of our land.

Restaurant and Bar
Restaurant and Bar


Choose whether to have lunch comfortably under your palm tree by the sea or dine at Agua Beach restaurant, where you’ll find welcoming staff ready to meet your every need, delicious dishes suitable for every palate, and a breathtaking view. Enjoy lunch and dinner in the spirit of sustainability, elegance, and nature.

Opening Hours

Open for lunch and dinner
Opening hours may vary, for information contact the facility

Sustainability Our heart

At Agua, we care about sustainability and authenticity. That’s why many of our products – from cherry tomatoes to the fruit we serve in our restaurants – come directly from our land at Agua Green Country Resort

Restaurant and Bar

Beach-umbrella service

Want to dine comfortably in the shade of your palm tree? At Agua Beach, you can! Scan the QR code, discover our menu, and choose what to enjoy just steps from the sea! Our staff will be at your complete disposal!

Restaurant and Bar

Bar Wherever you want, whenever you want

In our Bar, between the beach and nature, you can enjoy breakfast with the traditional Sicilian ritual with granita, brioche, and warm croissants, and an aperitif at the mixology bar where you can sip drinks for your relaxation appointment.

Restaurant and Bar

Self Service

If you want to check out the daily specials and choose what to eat, we’ll be waiting for you at the self-service! You can choose whether to bring your lunch under the palm tree or enjoy it comfortably seated in the refreshment area!

Restaurant and Bar

Restaurant Crossroads of flavors

Mediterranean cuisine dishes, but also appetizers, pizza, and sea-view sushi. For lunch and dinner, our restaurant is always at your service.

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